A Film Shoot on Jen Pan herself


I’m Ray, the man beside Jen. This particular entry is special. It’s a B/W series that I want to dedicate to my lovely wife. I know she’s been wanting to do this for a willing mum who request for this kind of style and I thought instead of waiting around, why not I do it for her?

My wife had carried and gave birth to a cute and wonderful son for me and now our daughter is on the way. Jen and I have been shooting videos and photos together for other expecting mums, wedding couples, corporate clients and babies. We have been so busy with documenting people’s lives that i am guilty of forgetting the fact that she is also a preggy too and I should take more photos and videos to keep this special moment of our lives.

This series is taken overseas while we were doing a prewedding shoot at Bali. She loves it and I’m glad i did it.

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