Christmas 2016 – The Cardboard House

What?! 2016 is ending? Time really zooms by when you have kids. Ray and I have been waiting for quite long before we think our two children can play together in harmony. Last month we did some make over and mini reno for our studio and we ended up with lots of cardboard and boxes. We decided it’s time to make a big house for the kids to play in. So together we embarked on Project Xmas House. Julian and Shernice were so thrilled with their Christmas gift from us. They had so much fun role playing and running around and in and out of the house. As we observe their plays we keep reinforcing the house with beams at the places where they knock or look like potential breaking point.

So for this year’s Christmas photoshoot how could we exclude our self made Xmas house! It is the first big toy they could play in harmony. Lots of laughter, much lesser fights. We brought the house out to  the garden on Sunday for a quick photoshoot (very tough as they just wanted to play) and then documented their play. It was so much fun seeing them running around , rolling in the wet grass (didn’t know it was wet at first, but whatever), throwing grass at each other and laughing so much! I couldn’t care less about muddy clothes and dirty shoes anymore when i see their elation. Just roll around like Peppa Pigs k. Hahha

We are so blessed to have the two of them.

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What have you given up?

2 weeks ago people celebrated Mother’s Day. One day in every year that people take time off their busy schedule to bring their aged mothers for a fancy meal. Younger mums receive handmade crafts from their school going kids. It may sound cheesy but seriously everyday is Mother’s Day if you show appreciation and be nice to her daily. Read more

CNA Live Interview – Singapore Tonight

I was thrilled when I received a call from Channel News Asia (CNA). They wanted to interview me on Singapore Tonight the next day. It was a surprise and I felt super nervous about it. All my family members and friends were very excited and many of them stayed up to watch the news! I am honoured to be able to do the interview together with Mrs Wong Boh Boi, Assistant Director of Thomson Medical and also a well known Lactation Consultant. Anyone who is pregnant and do a little bit of research in Singapore, will be aware of her presence. When I gave birth in Thomson Medical Hospital, I kept seeing Mrs Wong on tv. She is like the Zoe Tay of Mother’s channel hahaha.. So you can imagine the excitement I felt when I met her! Here’s some behind the scenes of the interview at SPH Caldecott. It was a great experience. Oh by the way John and Dawn were very assuring, they definitely helped to calm my nerves by constantly reminding me to relax 🙂 I was really fun to see them report news while we sit beside them waiting to go live.

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Let go of your Guilt

The sun sets and so does every breastfeeding journey. No matter how long or short lived it was, you have made a miracle come true! We want to take this chance to remind all that there is no need to feel guilty when you end this journey especially for those that faced unforeseen circumstances like supply problem or babies having latching difficulties and health reasons.

As a nursing mum to my 15 months old, I discovered that the bond that I’ve built with my girl is a very different kind compared to the bond I have with my son. For my first born, I was an exclusive pumping mum. He was on mother’s milk till 8 months before moving on to formula. The way she looks into my eyes, the smile of satisfaction are touching moments that I am going to miss most. These are the moments that made the bond extra special. On some days I feel like she is going to wean off soon as the feeding frequency drops and supply also dips. There is a tinge of reluctance but I remind myself to let nature takes its course . If she is ready to move on then let’s move on. Read more

My kids

Ray and I used to go visiting as a pair. We were carefree, handsfree and could “ton” late nights anytime. We had fun collecting red packets and we oblige to almost all invitations for poker and card games.

After being parents, we spend Chinese New Year celebration in a very different fashion. We pace out our visiting, incorporate naps, carry 8 oranges instead of 4, ensure that we are wearing comfortable clothes to prevent unnecessary meltdowns. Prepare stacks of red packets to distribute, collect red packets for the children. We received no more invitation to late games, our friends don’t want us anymore ( OK to be fair, many of them are in the same predicament LOL). However, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy CNY. Today, both of us looked at our sleeping children and we feel really proud at how far we have come. Both of them are so cute. They play and have fun during visiting and rest while they can. From our backpacking experience, we are very used to travelling with minimal items and resting on the go. Our children have also learned to adapt to our unpredictable lifestyle. On CNY day 1, we visited 4 places and incorporated a 30 minutes shut-eye in the car for the the kids. I am very glad the children braved through the day without any crankiness or difficulty. We are very fortunate to have supportive and helpful relatives so that also is another factor why we enjoy visiting very much. My cousins will entertain, feed and play with the kids. For once, Ray and I can sit down and enjoy our meal slowly. Haha.. My family members are also very understanding, they don’t take things personally and are quite chill, at least we do not have unknown aunts that stress the children by grabbing them and asking them ” Why you never call me? Call me, Call me!” — Parents always panic when such elderly insist on the tot to address her. You will feel it you have a preschooler!

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Breastfeeding – A stand against workplace discrimination

Recently I have read a few accounts of working mums who shared the difficulties they face at their work places with regards to expressing milk. One mum was told to stop expressing milk in the office as it was affecting her work efficiency. She was put under probation for assessment of her performance bonus. Another mum did not have a place to pump at work and asked for permission to pump at her own cubicle discreetly. Instead of encouraging her, she was told to consider to stop expressing milk as it was distracting to other colleagues even though she does it discreetly. Some of you may wonder if it was due to too much time lost at work, let’s see…. On the average each pump session lasts about 20 minutes and it happens 2 times during working hours depending on individuals, there may be 1 session during lunch time but that does not count since it is her own time. I can’t help but to wonder if these superiors are aware that they are actually displaying discrimination? Are they ignorant or are they just being difficult to breastfeeding mums?

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Breastfeeding – Into the Woods

Hi Hello ! Followed with a hug. When I first met Celeste, I see her as a cute young girl who is full of energy and cheerfulness. We talked like we have knew each other way before. What meant to be a short meet up lasted for hours as she introduced me and tried to poison me with Tokidokis and Tulas (these are hot items in the motherhood circle btw).

As we talked about motherhood, pregnancy, life in general, I was impressed by this little mother. She is actually a fighter in life. This 22 years old was clear on where she is heading and is determined to do everything right. This side of her is strong and brave.

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singapore cake smash photography
singapore newborn photographer cake smash

My Own – Shernice meets her Cake

When mothers say “Time flies”, they seriously mean it! It feels like I have been drunk for a year. Suddenly my daughter is ONE. What happened? Who is this girl? I have a daughter? I can’t believe I’m a mother of 2 for a year now. To mark this special milestone, Ray and I did a “Meet your first cake” session for Shernice. The remnants of pregnancy hormones made the whole session super emotional for me. Eyes blurred. I’m so lucky. Happy birthday, my darling!

Love you forever, Dad & Mum

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Declan with his furry cats

Almost 5 mths back we took pictures of Wendy at the beach with a little bun in the oven. Shortly after, we did 4 days old Declan’s virgin shoot at their home with him dressed as Bat man! I’ve always love to DIY and make crafts, I got excited when Wendy wa me a few baby pics that she really liked. Then I had an idea, I thought why not make some props for Declan! In the end, I bought some material and hand made his batman costume. Declan totally rocked the look ! Showcasing his daddy Greg’s collectible , he must be the most classy bat baby.

Another special series was taken with the cats. These posh cats took a plane to Singapore. How lucky are they to follow their global citizen parents here. Oh they are really global citizens with multiple bases in London,Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Hey cats! Be gentle with the batbaby!

Love, Jen

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Mikayla’s Ward Session

Mikayla was barely a day old when we took these pictures. It’s so therapeutical and beautiful to see this little baby. It resets my pace. I breathed slower, moved gentler and speak softer. Every new life reminds me that there’s miracle happening everyday and we must embrace and celebrate life itself.

I particularly love one of these pictures. Those tiny little fingers holding on to papa will one day become big and independent.

Love, Jen & Ray

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