Yvonne’s Baby Bump

How fortunate are babies nowadays? Mummy Yvonne and Daddy Wayne showed so much love even before little Jude is out. I’m honored to be able to document the beginning of this upcoming family of 3. The venue is a meaningful place for them as it is where they did their wedding photo shoot. They came all prepared with cute props and balloons which made the shoot very fun even when it started to rain at the end.

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Sharlene – 5 Days Old

Baby Sharlene is finally home! Anything at home can become a useful prop, take grandma’s laundry basket for instance. Surprisingly, it became our favourite baby prop of the day! Jie jie Kerlyn was really gentle and sweet to this new little sister. She touches and kisses her so gently that amazes me. Wow, such bond in just 5 days. Dear Sharlene, welcome to the world, you are indeed blessed to come into this family with so much love showered upon you.

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Princess Amber

Aww.. so cute.. it is so satisfying to see the innocent faces of babies on photos/videos. You know you have captured the precious moments that will be gone too soon!

It is no easy feat to capture Baby Amber’s photos. We took about 3hours!! There were lots of pauses in between to sooth the little darling and also a break for milk. Baby Amber turns 2months old on this day, mummy Jerlin had forewarned that Amber has been trying to flip and has lost the newborn ability to sleep like nobody’s business. So we were prepared, we took it slow and everyone (mum, grandma, Ray and I) worked together as a team to try to get baby to cooperate. We even had some coffee while waiting for baby to be in the mood.

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Brianca’s baby bump

After discussing with Brianca, we have decided to chill and relax for this shoot as it involved 2 unpredictable characters, a toddler and a dog. Those with kids will understand that toddler can be real cute and real cranky too! Therefore, to ensure that Elisha had enough sleep, we had only set the time to meet after he woke up on his own. Hope, the beautiful Girly Golden who most of the time could be controlled is really big and strong. She is truly Brianca’s girl as she tried to run towards her a few times during the shoot. Good thing Brianca’s hubby was proactive and helped to handle Elisha or Hope at any one point so we could have a successful shoot.

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Eva’s baby bump

We had fun with Eva and Beaumont at Botanical Garden. We planned an hour for this shoot but it ended up to be almost 2 hours! Eva had brought along cute props like shoes, onesies, hair accessories etc. which triggered my creativity. This pair of soon-to-be parents were very united and participative, which makes the shoot easier. Inspiration just kept coming, we couldn’t help it but to stop and take some more photos even after the session ended.

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Xueni’s Baby Bump

For a moment I thought we had to postpone the shoot, thank God for blowing the gloomy clouds away! It was hard work for pregger mummy Xueni to thread through the dense itchy tall bushes and to do stuff like sitting down, standing up, lying down. I’m so grateful for the family’s enthusiasm and desire for wanting good pictures, their cooperation made every of the 36 frames enjoyable to snap. Baby Kerlyn’s fear of creepy crawlies is real, she keeps saying “eee ga-ga…” when we told her to walk or sit on the grass, look at some of the pictures and you can sense a tinge of disgust on her face! Although not a poster smile but I simply love that innocent expression.

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