22/08/2014 Author

After discussing with Brianca, we have decided to chill and relax for this shoot as it involved 2 unpredictable characters, a toddler and a dog. Those with kids will understand that toddler can be real cute and real cranky too! Therefore, to ensure that Elisha had enough sleep, we had only set the time to meet after he woke up on his own. Hope, the beautiful Girly Golden who most of the time could be controlled is really big and strong. She is truly Brianca’s girl as she tried to run towards her a few times during the shoot. Good thing Brianca’s hubby was proactive and helped to handle Elisha or Hope at any one point so we could have a successful shoot.

Thank God for the beautiful weather, Brianca and Jeremy handled the two cuties really well. For this shoot I used film and supplemented with digital to capture the quick actions of the two unpredictables.

Look at how happy Brianca is when Jeremy threw Elisha into the air ! It’s really high and scary! Omg. I love the photo but I don’t know what to say about the action. My heart dropped.

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