Christmas 2016 – The Cardboard House

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19/12/2016 Author

What?! 2016 is ending? Time really zooms by when you have kids. Ray and I have been waiting for quite long before we think our two children can play together in harmony. Last month we did some make over and mini reno for our studio and we ended up with lots of cardboard and boxes. We decided it’s time to make a big house for the kids to play in. So together we embarked on Project Xmas House. Julian and Shernice were so thrilled with their Christmas gift from us. They had so much fun role playing and running around and in and out of the house. As we observe their plays we keep reinforcing the house with beams at the places where they knock or look like potential breaking point.

So for this year’s Christmas photoshoot how could we exclude our self made Xmas house! It is the first big toy they could play in harmony. Lots of laughter, much lesser fights. We brought the house out to  the garden on Sunday for a quick photoshoot (very tough as they just wanted to play) and then documented their play. It was so much fun seeing them running around , rolling in the wet grass (didn’t know it was wet at first, but whatever), throwing grass at each other and laughing so much! I couldn’t care less about muddy clothes and dirty shoes anymore when i see their elation. Just roll around like Peppa Pigs k. Hahha

We are so blessed to have the two of them.

Teaching some moves

Who fell?

My handsome boy

A moment to ponder

Trying to feed Makiyo some grass

Bored ?

Peeking out

Whats inside?

Peddling some illegal substance!

Both starting to do whatever they want.

Fun with Grass

And they suddenly decided to lie down. With my light stand in the shot. Lol

Craziness ensues


Trying again to get them back into the frame.

Can’t ask for more. Considered successful.

Madness restarts

She ran away.

London Bridge for the Dog but Makiyo will never cross that 2 dangerous crazies.

Decided to bring the bridge to the dog instead.

Makiyo had enough

Looks Fun. Decided to just let them play.


Still wants to feed makiyo

Look at those shag faces.

The End