10/05/2015 Author

I have been playing around with Instagram recently and I wanted to show my followers some behind-the-scenes of my photoshoot session. I thought it was going to be easy BUT i find it difficult to decide what to put into that short 15seconds time frame!

Guess what! I found a hack to solve my problem! I managed to put portions of my video or multiple clips into a video collage app that I believe was created for Instagram usage. Now I can collage a few videos and show all of them concurrently for 15 seconds. So if I collage 4 videos together, my viewers are watching 4x15seconds worth of clips in 15 seconds!! Amazing! The creator of Instavideo is so smart!! So for those who have been wondering what app I’ve been using. That was it!

I’ll be doing more Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos so do follow me on instagram @jenpanphotography

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