Jamie’s Baby Bump

17/09/2014 Author

We are blessed with beautiful sun ray for this special evening’s photo shoot. I was worried at first because we were going to start late for the shoot, which means less time, more rush! Not a good piece of news for me. Despite that, we were really lucky to be able to find some empty space on a weekend at a busy park which did make up for the lack of time.

Jamie and Ethan are Singapore’s proud ambassadors of our world class airline. Sporting plain and matching outfits, this pair of parents-to-be accentuates the elegance of simplicity. There’s also no deliberate highlight of the bump.

This series of photos gives a very calm and “twilight” feel. Remember the scene where Edward sparkled in the fields? Hehehe.. It gives that feeling, doesn’t it?

Love, Jen

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