My kids

09/02/2016 Author

Ray and I used to go visiting as a pair. We were carefree, handsfree and could “ton” late nights anytime. We had fun collecting red packets and we oblige to almost all invitations for poker and card games.

After being parents, we spend Chinese New Year celebration in a very different fashion. We pace out our visiting, incorporate naps, carry 8 oranges instead of 4, ensure that we are wearing comfortable clothes to prevent unnecessary meltdowns. Prepare stacks of red packets to distribute, collect red packets for the children. We received no more invitation to late games, our friends don’t want us anymore ( OK to be fair, many of them are in the same predicament LOL). However, that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy CNY. Today, both of us looked at our sleeping children and we feel really proud at how far we have come. Both of them are so cute. They play and have fun during visiting and rest while they can. From our backpacking experience, we are very used to travelling with minimal items and resting on the go. Our children have also learned to adapt to our unpredictable lifestyle. On CNY day 1, we visited 4 places and incorporated a 30 minutes shut-eye in the car for the the kids. I am very glad the children braved through the day without any crankiness or difficulty. We are very fortunate to have supportive and helpful relatives so that also is another factor why we enjoy visiting very much. My cousins will entertain, feed and play with the kids. For once, Ray and I can sit down and enjoy our meal slowly. Haha.. My family members are also very understanding, they don’t take things personally and are quite chill, at least we do not have unknown aunts that stress the children by grabbing them and asking them ” Why you never call me? Call me, Call me!” — Parents always panic when such elderly insist on the tot to address her. You will feel it you have a preschooler!

We want to tell our children, thank you for being such wonderful kids. Papa and mummy love you forever. Look at them 🙂