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Having done videography and photography for various people, I’ve learnt so much about the human race. Being hired to shoot at people’s personal events Eg. Wedding, birth is like being invited to be a narrator of their life story. We are honored to be able to “read” one chapter.

Taking photos of adults and children are very different. A rule of thumb for photographers is to avoid reflective backdrop or mirrors so that you do not accidentally capture yourself in the picture and end up photobombing the stars. As much as I avoid to be an extra during shoots, I’m afraid I can’t do it during children photography. And shamelessly I don’t mind being that extra! I love it when I see my reflection in the baby’s eyes. It’s like leaving a subtle footprint in one small part of their lives. Children are so precious and innocent. You will seldom see those reflective glassy eyes in adults especially in a fast paced stressful society as we have seen the sad side of humanity. Staring into those eyes brings me into a state of calm and peace. It reminds me to remain childlike and hopeful.  I love these moments of happiness. They are wonderful. So I would like to thank all parents who have allowed us to help you document your precious moments. And also to all of your support and recommendations 🙂 Ray and I are humbled by your actions and kind words. This type of recognition is a bonus which we receive instead of the annual 13th month or performance bonus working in a company. We will continue to do our best to help document your kids’ innocence!

This is Sarita. Rajina’s gem.

Love, Jen

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