13/08/2014 Author

For a moment I thought we had to postpone the shoot, thank God for blowing the gloomy clouds away! It was hard work for pregger mummy Xueni to thread through the dense itchy tall bushes and to do stuff like sitting down, standing up, lying down. I’m so grateful for the family’s enthusiasm and desire for wanting good pictures, their cooperation made every of the 36 frames enjoyable to snap. Baby Kerlyn’s fear of creepy crawlies is real, she keeps saying “eee ga-ga…” when we told her to walk or sit on the grass, look at some of the pictures and you can sense a tinge of disgust on her face! Although not a poster smile but I simply love that innocent expression.

The session ran very smoothly and we were able to get the shots as imagined, some even better as imagined. All efforts are not wasted, super love the outcome and beautiful shots.

Thanks Guys for the being such great people!

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