Elyzabeth Baby Bump

“One of women’s most beautiful moment is when they are pregnant”. I couldn’t agree more with this quote. We have taken photos and videos for mothers to document this amazing phase of their lives. While editing this particular series, I realize that I have been neglecting the fathers all this while. Sure, it’s the mums who are carrying the heavy load and going through the whole pregnancy package eg.morning sickness, backaches etc. but there are really quite a handful of good partners around which have made it easier. Their support allow the mums to glow to their maximum potential. I have failed to give credits to these men. So for this series I shall pay a tribute to Elyzabeth’s hubby. I practically laughed out loud when I spot sneaky Adrian slogging and carrying stuff in the background when I’m editing Elyzabeth’s pictures. So here are some pictures of him! The man behind the beautiful mum (literally). We would like to wish an advanced Happy Fathers’ day to the patient and caring daddies out there!

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